[Teaching] weight loss belly dance classic dance

[Teaching] weight loss belly dance classic dance

Weight loss Belly dance classic dance:

1, belly dance weight loss to start from the twist eight hips. Right foot slightly tiptoe, the right side of the crotch to the top of the top, eyes below the eyes, hands naturally open.

2, the crotch slowly began to cross around the top, hands elbow lift to the face, hands cross.

3, right foot tiptoe, the right hip top, his hands from top to bottom, around the footsteps of a knee buckle buckle.

4, this step of the action and the third step in the opposite. Left foot tiptoe, the left hip top, his hands from top to bottom around, left and right knee once knees buckle, repeat the above action twice, waist twist up.

5, stretched out his hands, right up and down, eyes and right hand, left hand elbow on the side of the head, waist to the right to mention.

6, hands relaxed, slightly elbow on both sides of the buttocks, waist to the left.

7, hands open arms, like the snake arm dancing, left and right feet once tiptoe, filed crotch, waist forward and backward swing.

8, upper body position remains the same, the important change is between the lumbar, left and right to mention, hip swing.

9, his hands elbow around the chest, right knee knees knees, toes tiptoe, hips slightly back to sit.